Inspiration From Other Custom Drum Builders

I recently received an email from someone that was about to start building his very 1st custom set. He asked me how I decide on the finish and hardware of a particular drum set that I’m building. This question has always been tough for me because I don’t always feel creative. I do however have a couple of places I like to go for inspiration.

I think that by seeing some amazing drums that have already been created, it can spark the creativity in my brain to think outside the box of just doing a normal looking wrap or a normal looking stain. When I go to a music store I always look at all of the little details of the drums even down to the bearing edge or where they put the seam of the wrap. But let’s face it… most music stores that have drums don’t usually have the most amazing drums on display. This is where the Internet comes in.

Some of my favorite custom builders are as follows:

SJC Custom Drums – These guys have inspired me for years. Really cool website, but more importantly some of the coolest, most innovative drums I’ve ever seen. I especially like their “Butcher” Hoops.

C&C Custom Drums – Beautiful drums with a classic look. They have also just recently started offering their drum shells for sale to other drum builders!

San Francisco Drum Company – Another very classy drum company. I love their hardware and vintage style drums.

So there is one of my little secrets, when I’m trying to decide on a finish or find a certain look that stands out among other drums, I usually check out those sites for inspiration. There are tons of custom builders on the web that post pictures of their drums so I encourage you to start checking them out!